National Links

Australia Communicable Diseases

Canada Communicable Disease Report - CCDR

Denmark: EPI-News
National Surveillance of Communicable Diseases
Weekly in Danish & English

Finland: National Public Health Institute
Monthly Bulletin in Finnish (with statistical tables of communicable diseases)

France: Bulletin epidemiologique hebdomadaire
Weekly, in French

Germany: Epidemiologisches Bulletin
Robert Koch Institut, Berlin
Weekly, in German

India: Veterinary Community Website

Italy: Notizario dell’Instituto di Sanita
Quarterly report on infectious diseases in Italian
Adobe Acrobat files
Managed by the Istituto Superiore di Sanita

Japan: Infectious Disease Surveillance Center, National Institute of Infectious Disease
In Japanese and English
Includes monthly Infectious Agents Surveillance Reports plus Isolation and Detection Reports of Viruses and Bacteria, by month

Netherlands: Infectieziekten Bulletin, Dutch National Bulletin on Communicable Diseases
Monthly, in Dutch with English abstracts

Spain: Boletin Epidemiologico Semanal
In Spanish

UK: Communicable Disease Report - CDR Weekly
Covers England & Wales only (unless otherwise stated)

UK: Scottish Centre for Infection and Environmental Health
SCIEH Weekly Report

USA: CDC Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Reports